Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Amazing Mind of a (ADHD) Child

Kieran was finally diagnosed ADHD. I've known for years. Because he is the predominnantly hyperactive/impulsive type rather than the inatentive type his teachers always said, "no way he doesn't have ADHD". I think he was ADHD in utero. He'd push eveyone out of his way in my belly. He was the first to be moved out of the crib the three of them shared because he'd shove Kendra and Kyle to the corners of the crib. He did everything (and more) first. Holding his head up, crawling, walking, talking, every thing first. He also learned to use the kitchen drawers as a ladder to get on top of the counter so he could traverse the kitchen and get to the top of the fridge. The "safe" place where the kitchen matches were. So he could light matches and burn holes in the floor. He was the kid that no gate could confine, no child protective latch could stop and no doorknob cover could keep behind a closed door. He's been on the go since birth. Not since around the time they were born but since the second he shoved his own head out of me. The doctors were pulling Kendra out and Kieran popped his head out as if to say, "hey I'm here and I have things to do". Some of the wrist bands from birth have Kendra and Kieran born at the same time. The official times have them born a minute apart even though he was out (on his own) at the same time.
The ADHD has really taken over this year. I guess it's reached some type of peak. I'm not sure why but we got to a place where Kieran was only getting negative attention because he was always on the go in some bad direction. He also got to a point where I felt like he was a 2-year old again as far as crossing streets, parking lots and crowded areas. I was not letting go of his hand anymore. He was diagnosed by a psychiatrist and put on medication about 3 months ago. We so didn't want to go there but the results were amazing. We're still tweaking the dosage. The major problems now are sleeping and eating. He was already having sleep issues but the meds compound that. Kieran can't fall asleep until 10:00 or 11:00 and then it's a huge struggle to drag him out of bed in the morning. He also has a loss of appetite. He's not really hungry until long after dinner when all the medication is out of his sysytem. This is an exhausting struggle. I'm so worried that he will have to be on medication for his whole life.
Now that said, the way his mind works is astounding. He used to write songs when he was really little. Now he writes jokes; that actually make sense. "What did the baby do when he stepped on his grapes?" "Whined" He can focus (also part of ADHD) for hours on a project. We have many creations around the house and in the yard. He's happy to be set free in Daddy's tool box with some scrap wood. His favorite things are tape (duct, scotch, masking), a stapler, envelopes, popcicle sticks, pipe cleaners, etc. Lego projects go on for hours.

This is just one example below. He had no help. This "creation" is for popping balloons. I don't know why you'd need to pop balloons but there it is.

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