Monday, August 25, 2008

Did you know..

you can freeze avocados?

I'd never even thought of it. Why would you? Avocados don't last very long at our house. I never had the need until my sister moved away from me. Off of the block we've shared since my babies were 9 months old. To another neighborhood. Far, far away. But I'm not bitter. a few miles away to a house that sits in the middle of an avocado grove. Can you imagine having your own avocado grove? Yum!! They harvested so many avocados that she had to find a way to save them. And like always, Google came to the rescue. You can freeze avocados. You just mash them up a bit add lemon or lime juice (about a tablespoon per avo) and seal them in a freezer bag. They come out perfect, bright green and ready to make guacamole. So when we're freezing in January, we can make guacamole.

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