Saturday, September 13, 2008

Recovery Time

Kieran's surgery went very well. It took less time than the Dr. thought it would. The only problem is that it takes him so long to recover from the anesthetic that we were at the hospital from 6:30 am until about 3:00 pm. Every time he sits up he turns green and gets clammy. The nurse gave him an extra dose of an anti-nausea med which promptly put him back to sleep. I had forgotten that when he had the last surgery, his brain reverts to some type of very basic comforting mode. He "nurses" while he sleeps. It kept me up all night after the last surgery but I guess I was just too tired last night for it to bother me. It's really kind of sweet that he goes back to the most basic thing that Mommy gave him for comfort. He is on the mend today. Last night was a little rough. He's in a little more pain this time because he had a bone graft taken from his hip to put in the ankle. That is bothering him more than the ankle.

We put his mattress on the floor next to my side (of course) of the bed again. For the first few days I like him next to me so I can hear him if he needs anything during the night. He really likes taking over my bed all day though.

The King.

Yes, it's a bra on the corner of the bed. whatever!
Edit: 9:40 pm My bed is full of pretzel crumbs!!!

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Jen Jen in Jakarta, Indonesia said...

I just caught up on the news.

That poor little thing!!

I am glad it all turned out ok,

Please send him our best wishes and a special wish for his mum (I know that it is after wards when the stress and what if's arrive for mums).