Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We're Off!

We've arrived at San Diego Airport, gone thorough security, had our required McDonald's breakfast and now the big wait. Security was essentially a breeze for Paul. He went through first, I helped the kids get their shoes and jackets off and put their backpacks in bins. They went off through the screening machine. I took the laptop out of my bag like I had read to do, got my shoes and jacket off and into a bin. Then the friendly (really-totally nice guy) ask if any of the backpacks had a DVD player. Why, yes they all do. Those also have to be taken out of the backpacks, out of the DVD cases and put into separate bins. So, I managed about eight bins on my own while Paul put his shoes back on blissfully ignorant of what I was doing. Then he gets pulled aside by security because, after being quizzed by his loving wife, they find another pocket knife in his backpack. He'd already put one in his checked bag before we got out of the shuttle. Men!!!
Only another hour and my happy pill can be taken.

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