Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Just stuff?

I used to blog all the time. When the kids were little and they occupied every hour of every day. They are about to be 18 (in 18 days to be exact-weird) and I haven't blogged in years. Maybe I need to be more busy to blog or overwhelmed and need to talk or vent?
We had an impromptu family meeting last night over brothers being mean to their sister. My exact words might have been, "you're being douches". Then it completely spiraled out of control. At one time or other, somewhat recently, and at present, (to many commas?) all three have made 420 their favorite number. You know where I'm going with that right? Also one or more of them have been "cross-faded". Depending on your age, you'll have to look that up. In my day it was just known as wasted. Now it looks like the alcohol in the house will have to be locked up because some of it was taken from here. They literally have like two months left till graduation. Senioritis? Boundary testing? The YOLO generation? Good Lord, I'm too old for this shit. Thank God I'm old enough to handle this though. lol
On a lighter and still worrying note, one of the boys and two of his friends have decided to buy a 1970's era motor home. They're going  to fix it up and travel. "It's only $1000. We're each going to put in like $300 (math much?). I spent $300 on my coffee maker". I didn't even really drink coffee till college!

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