Saturday, March 29, 2008

Where's my coffee?!?

Is it a hotel room with a full sized coffee pot?

Nope, it's our downstairs bathroom. Why? you ask is our coffee maker in the bathroom. Because the f-ing power is out (again) on one side of the kitchen. Paul doesn't know why he took the coffee maker into the bathroom instead of just putting it on the other side of the kitchen. Do you have any idea how frightening it was to come down stairs in the morning and have the coffee maker missing?

We have a short somewhere between the outdoor outlet box on the far side of the patio and the house. That means under the less than two year old patio that we had hand stamped with tropical leaves-aaahhhh!

Thankfully, we hope the little f
ried mouse that
Paul found in the outlet box,
was the problem.
Sorry for such a "shocking" end tiny mouse.

1 comment:

Jen4 @ Amazing Trips said...

oh no ... not the COFFEE pot!!! What was Paul thinking moving it in to the bathroom?! I definitely thought your first picture was a hotel bathroom!!