Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Oireachtas 2008

We spent the weekend at the Arizona Grand in Phoenix for the Western Region US Oireachtas.

Kendra was on a 8 hand ceili team.

Ready for her costume.

The girls practicing before their dance.

Waiting their turn with the older girls/teachers.

They may not have placed first but they were the best in our hearts.

Award night. Half of the team.

It was a nice resort.

On the way home we trusted the Garmin and headed for "The Outer Limits" restaurant in Gila Bend, Arizona. It was a classic 1960's space-age restaurant. It reminded me of the old "Tomorrowland" at Disneyland. Good food too.

We slipped back into San Diego for a California sunset.


J from Ireland said...

Wow, Irish Dancers in California, thats just amazing!! Caifornia, now theres a place I would love to go someday. Best wishes.

kamahiclan said...

Looks like you had fun!!! Kendra is so adorable!