Friday, June 27, 2008

Feet of Flames/Walking on Sunshine

Not exactly what Mr. Flatley or Katrina was talking about but it sure felt like it.

Last weekend was "Feis at the Fair". It's one of the few Irish Dance competitions in these parts that is outside. The average weather for the end of June is the mid-80's. Warm yes, but all dance floors are covered. Since this feis is at the Irish Fair there is an abundance of cooling yummy things to eat and drink. What a fun venue you say. Not this year. The temperature just kept rising and topped out at 106 degrees (by our car thermometer) by the time we left. The competition organizers first allowed long sleeved shirts removed. One dance later and all costumes were optional. All of the competitors should have been given a special prize just for sticking it out. They were all champions under these circumstances.

Surprisingly, I didn't here one siren. My retired EMT ear just expects someone to drop from the heat.

Kendra didn't place in any of her dances this time. Kyle moved up in two of his. He is now a Novice in his reel and single jig.

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