Monday, June 30, 2008

County Fair 2008

We went to the County Fair on Saturday. Everything has gotten so expensive. Luckily, the kids like the free fun. We love seeing all the animals. Last year a chick hatched right in front of Kieran. There are so many types of bunnies. Thank goodness they didn't have the sign from last year that said something like "meat stock". That took a lot of explaining. We pet the llamas, calves and horses. There was a parrot club in the San Diego Pavilion that let us hold their Cockatoos and a green Eclectus named "Toby".

The boys new favorite thing is a demolition derby. haven't been to one of those since Ascot was still around. And we watched people ride on the big fire truck.

I think they like each other (today).

All three had an art project in the Kids' Best area.

If there isn't a steer to rope, a sister will do just fine.

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