Monday, June 9, 2008

Mommy Thoughts

Two things:

1. Have you ever noticed all the weird stuff on the side or median of the freeway? If I'm not the driver, and sometimes when I am and we're crawling along, I stare aimlessly out of the window. And there's all this stuff. Mostly it's just the trash some anti-eco-friendly person has tossed out the window. But then, the random shoe and it's always just one. Or the lost couch cushion. Toys. Did they get launched by a mother at the end of her rope? I know of one pair of Ninja Turtle shoes that a Mother who shall remain nameless April launched out the window. Lots of construction worker hard hats. Don't they notice when their heads get cold? Car bumpers, usually with the license plate still attached. Plastic white patio chairs. I even saw a dead horse once. In Santa Barbara County. You know, where Oprah lives. Not on some backwoods road. It's just weird. Take a look next time you're in traffic.

2. Everyone knows that avocados will ripen in a brown paper bag. Did you know that if you forget the bag full of avocados your sister gave you and leave them in the car, they'll ripen wayyyy faster?

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