Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Road Trip 2008

We are driving to Washington State for our second oldest daughter's wedding. We left this morning. The plan was to be out the door by 5am. We left at 4:40!! The trip is starting off great.

Doesn't every one look great at 5 am!

Our plan is to make our first big stop in Sacramento and spend the night.
We made a stop near Magic Mountain to have a road food breakfast at McDonald's. We were back on the road by 7:30; still about 30 minutes ahead of schedule.

The next five hours went by surprisingly well. The kids watched movies and read. I had put together some activity pages for each state from a home schooling site that were a big hit. They each had maps to mark there progress and we listened to the first CD of a Harry Potter book. We stopped in Stockton for lunch and Paul and I were amazed at how good everything was going.
Cool truck.

And then it happened-Murphy's Law. Kieran didn't want to eat his lunch. He said he was sooo tired and his stomach hurt. I finished quickly and took him to the car to nap while every one finished their lunches. he had "the look". I've come to know the throw up look. He gets really pale. And as much as he told me he wasn't going to throw up, I knew he would. It started as we pulled into our state capitol. We found a nice Best Western and Paul took Kendra to the pool while Kieran dozed and barfed and Kyle zoned in front of the TV. Then I took the two non-purgers to see the capitol building. It was too late to go in but fun to walk around the grounds. There are a lot of really cool buildings right around the capitol. He only stopped throwing up about an hour ago and finally ate. Now at 8:15 he's bouncing off the walls and ready to party.

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