Saturday, July 26, 2008

4th of July Rocks Hope Island

Our daughter's fiance (husband now) is a member of Swinomish tribe. So we got to spend the 4th on the reservation where it's "no holds barred" for fire works. It'd been years since Paul or I had bought fire works in the tinderbox known as California. The kids on the other hand have never been involved in a 4th of July with all the safe and sane goodies. It was a blast!!!

This isn't Hope Island but it's pretty.

The daughter's and the sons in law to be.

Fire Safety Officer

Were you touching the fireworks?

Just a tiny bit of the spent arsenal. And it's not even dark yet.

What you can't see is the M-80 tucked in side the hot dog.

The sun finally sets at about 9:00 pm.

Because we like to mix our alcohol with our flammables.



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