Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wedding Day

The weather on the evening before the wedding was a little worrisome. We had rain on the way home from the rehearsal barbecue.

In the Bride's Changing Room.

Big sister/maid of honor getting ready.

Mom putting on the last touches.

The Reverend Hawkins performing the ceremony.

The little brothers.

Husband and Wife.

Wes and Erica (younger brother and sister)

First Dance.

Father Daughter dance.

Bouquet Toss.




And for the gentlemen...

Sisters dancing.

I played the part of cake decorator.

The Donut Cake.
These are Lane's favorite donuts. A really good idea. While the real cake was being cut everyone grabbed a donut.

The girls.
No turning back now.


1 comment:

storyqueen said...

I love the donut cake!
Your blog is inspiring me to take the jump........we'll see if I am brave enough.

Love to the trinity!