Friday, September 21, 2007


Kieran is a "different" kid-in a good way. We call him the old soul. Sometimes I think he's the reincarnation of my Dad. He just randomnly has thoughts and says things that make me think, "Who is this kid?". Like his lunch preferences in the previous post.

Anyway, his most recent. The kids have been asking the question parents have dreaded for centuries, "Where do babies come from?" I've been trying to find an appropriate book on and off for a year or so. Then Jessica suggested one. I found it on and a couple of others. So Kieran asks me to read one. "Where Did I Come From?" It's old (1977). It's the book my brother learned from. It's a good book, definitely for the little bit older set. Perfect for Kieran because he's so smart and so curious. It's all cartoons but gets very descriptive about how babies are conceived. We read it, no biggy. Kieran's comments were mostly, "Gross". It was bed time when we were done so I told him to, "say 'goodnight' to Daddy". He marched (apparently with purpose) off to the kitchen and this is what I heard. "Daddy, did you put your penis in Mommy's vagina?" The accusation in his voice. You did that to my Mommy?!? It was great. There was a long pause. I was waiting in anticipation for the answer from my husband (raised by Pentecostal ministers who didn't allow dancing-you know what that leads to). I don't think the answer was thought out I think he just choked but it worked. He just said, "Um yes". Kieran said, "Oh okay, goodnight".

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HW said...

Um...I just choked on a baby carrot!!!

Great story.