Sunday, November 4, 2007

He Man Woman Haters Club

Kendra was away for the weekend. She got to spend time in Big Bear in my sister's cabin. Auntie is tired. She did crafts and manicures/pedicures, baked cookies, collected pine cones, walked the dogs, went shopping, roasted marshmallows and raked leaves.

So we had twin boys this weekend. It was kind of fun although there was a lot of scratching, burping and orifice emissions. We went into Fallbrook today to look at the fire damage. Is one still considered a lookie-loo if the outing is headed by a firefighter? We started by checking out Live Oak Park and found it untouched by the fire. All of the barbecues were covered though so they couldn't be used. We drove past the Valley Oaks Mobile Home Park. That was devastated. It looked like the streets of Baghdad. Kieran has had a little cold and cough. He's been doing a lot of snuffling and swallowing. It gave him an upset stomach so he tossed his cookies on the way home. It could have been disastrous since Kendra gets carsick and took the official barf bucket with her for the ride up to Big Bear. The Mommy instinct grabbed a bucket right before we got in the truck this morning, "just in case". He was fine after that and we ended the day with a Rite-Aid ice cream. Chocolate Malted Crunch-Mmmm.

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