Monday, November 26, 2007


Now I'm the only hold out for the Hawkins barforama. Paul threw up all day Saturday in Malibu while on a strike team. The nice residents of Malibu brought him all sorts of tummy settlers but it didn't help much. The guys lost him for awhile. They didn't realize he was on the floor of the engine in the fetal position. He came home yesterday and slept from 4:00pm till this morning. We think he's over the worst of it. Kyle and Kendra on the other hand stayed home from school today and filled buckets. They ate a tiny bit of dinner and haven't lost it yet. Maybe a good nights sleep and they'll be OK. My stomach is making scary sounds. I can't get sick. I'm the Mom. I'm not allowed to get sick.

Just a random cute picture.

Stick 'em up!

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kamahiclan said...

YUCK!!! There's nothing like a house full of barfers. That's my least favorite illness for the kids to get!!!