Monday, May 19, 2008

More "Here Comes The Sun".......

Summer is rearing it's sweaty head again. We were the cool spot in the county at about 90 degrees. The pool got up to 81 degrees with no help from the heater.

Quads? Why can't wet dog smell like fresh flowers instead of moldy sponge?

When we were little, my sister and I spent hours in our grandfather's pool diving for decorative black stones. Granted, we do have some of the same type of stones covering the dirt in our potted plants, but stones and my kids.....NOT a good idea. So, I pulled something new out of my Mommy's Bag 'O Tricks. Diving for fruit snacks. And the crowd (of three) goes wild. They loved it.

Kieran scores!! And yes, they ate them.

Kendra can't dive yet so I had to hand deliver her fruit snacks to her. Can we say Diva?

I spent some time trying to get a little more of the tropical feel I want for the backyard by adding reed fencing. I think it looks pretty cool. Only about 10 more section to go.

The "baby" is tired from his diving adventure.

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