Saturday, May 10, 2008

They really are from Mars

Ya know those "wild hairs" men get about things that seem completely irresponsible? Well, Paul has had one for the last few weeks. It started out sounding like a good idea. A decent tax return=buying some investment property=college money for the wee three. My mind goes to something like a little mountain cabin that we can use ourselves and use as a vacation rental. Of course, there is that well known fact-Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. Venus has four walls, plumbing, a nice little garden and maybe a porch with a couple of rocking chairs. Aahhh. Fa La La La La. Song birds singing.

Mars has other ideas. Desert property. Quad runners, guns and ammo. All with a healthy mix of 8 year old triplets. Venus has concerns are you out of your f%$#ing mind? Venus also had other ideas for the tax return money. Like upgrades to the house we actually live in. Socking some of it away for a big vacation. A little reversal of gravity on the old chassis.

Once Mars gets an idea it's like stopping a runaway train in a bad 70's disaster movie. He learned to "google" just to search for properties. In places I'd never heard of-Jucumba, Jamul, Jamacha, Tierra del Sol (hey wait isn't that another country? Didn't Indiana Jones visit Tierra del Sol?), Manzanita and the enchanting Boulevard.

We Paul have chosen a 10 acre lot in Boulevard. It will be a nice property, zoned for ranches, after a little complete overhaul work. It has a working well, generator, and an airplane hangar with a partially completed landing strip. The previous owner was going to land his plane here. He is also leaving us his 5th wheel trailer because he has a new motor home. How nice you say. Someplace to stay on the property while we do some work. Have you ever watched those Animal Planet animal rescue shows? You know the ones that have a hoarder living with 63 cats and no litter boxes. Well imagine the same scenario inside a trailer with a gazillion rats. At some point, a vent cover or something came off and the locals moved in. I was too shocked to take a picture even though I had the camera in my hands. Can you say Hanta Virus?

The view goes all the way to Mexico, San Diego and far to the East.

Bridge from an old railway line-Campo I think.

Our runway.

Would you like to meet my little friend? Southern Pacific Rattlesnake. This is the baby rattlesnake that Paul didn't notice slithering around his feet.

Edit: just want to let everyone know that the shovel was only used to gently move the little snake to a more snake friendly area.

California Horny Toad


kamahiclan said...

Have you contacted your attorney and requested the divorce papers yet??????

That snake would be the clencher for me!!! How long would it take to get a bitten child to a hospital?

Gotta love those men!

Jann said...

Heidi, It's Jann (formerly of Chula Vista, currently of Casa Grande, AZ). I just found your blog from the email you sent about travel gear (great site!!! thanks). I love the property, but I am a desert rat (hence living in the middle of one in AZ). We are looking for about 25 acres here (which is MUCH cheaper than CA!! thank goodness). Anyway, I was a little leery of the snake, but I love the picture of Paul with the caption "California Horny Toad"!!!! LOLOLOLOL!!! Was there a picture of a horny toad at one time or are you as sick as I am??? LOL!!! Hugs and congrats on the nurse graduation, it is wonderful when the older one come to their senses and decide that life is not all about rebellion and drama!!! Hugs

Heidi said...

Hi Jann! The area is actually a Horny Toad habitat. But no, there wasn't a picture. Just my sick sense of humor.