Sunday, May 25, 2008

Time Certainly Flies

Edit:added picttures.

When I met her she loved Vanilla Ice, Exclamation cologne, Axel Rose, Married with Children and The Simpsons. Now she loves Jeff.
She covered her pretty face with too much make up, wore her tops too short and her pants too tight. Now she'll be wearing a nurses uniform and hopefully maternity clothes some time soon. She can whip up a mean Margarita and grill asparagus on a fire ring while camping.
She was going to live near the beach with a friend right after high school and survive on Top Ramen. Now she lives in the burbs with a man and a dog. With laundry and bills and gardening and taking out the trash.

Today is their engagement party. In two days she graduates from nursing school. She'll be a wife by Halloween.

It was touch and go in the beginning. The oldest child against the new step-mom. Things are very different now. She's all grown up and I really, really like the woman she's become. I am very, very proud of her.
Congratulations Suzanne!!!

The Man.

The Dog.

The proud parents.

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