Saturday, October 11, 2008

Casanova? Valentino?

Last Tuesday was the first time ever one of the kids went on a field trip without me. I'd signed all the permission slips but hadn't realized the day was here until Kyle said, "Yea, it's field trip day!" Huh?!? Today? Where were the requests for parent drivers? The pleading for parents to ride the bus and take control of three or four kids? I guess we have funding this year for buses, so no parent drivers. And I guess they had parents already to ride on the bus. Seems like a free day for me right? Noooo, I spent the field trip hours worrying about the bus rolling over, driving into the lagoon they were visiting, the lack of seat belts, the sudden 100 degree weather that would surely cause the bus driver to pass out...and roll the bus over into the lagoon.

They made it through unharmed but not without incidence. Kyle, my wee tiny baby, was caught making out on the bus!!! Holy crap! NOT what I expected, he's only 8 1/2 .

I asked him about the field trip. "What did you do?" "Saw a frog, caterpillars, plants." "Anything else?" "Nope" "Who'd you ride with on the bus" "Brad." "Hmm. Any girls on the field trip?" "Mrs. Nathan and Mrs. Gonzales." "Uh huh. No body else?" "Nope"

I finally had to admit to him what I knew. "So it was just one little kiss?" Kyle looked up with his big innocent eyes and held up three fingers! I explained that he was too young for a girlfriend but that she could be his best friend that was a girl. And no more kissing.

The next day he wanted to know how old does he have to be to kiss girls. Oh Lord, what am I in for?

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