Saturday, October 4, 2008

When Life Gives You Lemons...

Oh screw that!!

When Life Gives You Grease and Dough.......

Make beignets!!!
And if your arteries are closing too slowly...SLAM them shut with some bacon!!

It's kind of cool and it's supposed to rain. Just like a lovely New Orleans morning. Granted we're not in Jackson Square or at Cafe du Monde but we can always dream. Or just stand and stare at the pictures in the downstairs bathroom.

I spent almost a week in NOLA in December 2004 with my Aunts and some of my female cousins. One of my Aunts is a writer and was in the Big Easy as a finalist in the 2004 William Faulkner Wisdom Competition. She was in the Novel in Progress category for The Monumental Hoax. It was the first time I'd been away from the kids. Before I left I researched until I found a live web cam in the French Quarter that I could walk to every morning with my cup of chicory laced coffee. It was in the window of the Cats Meow on Bourbon Street. Early in the morning, Bourbon Street is nice and quiet. Being just 4 years old the kids didn't quite understand how they could see me on the computer but it helped with missing them. I could talk to them on the phone and they could see me at the same time.
It's time to go back to NOLA I think. The kids would love it. I didn't get to do a plantation or swamp tour last time. That would be fun. The ghost tour we did get to do was great. The Irish Pub we found the first night was also fun. Figures the Condon-Murphy-McCaffertys could sniff out a pub in the heart of New Orleans. "Is that Guinness I smell?"
Hmmm, when exactly is Feis New Orleans?

Unfortunately there's the beignet cleanup to do.

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kamahiclan said...

OHHH Yummy! Look like funnel cakes??? Are they similar???