Sunday, October 26, 2008

Wedding Day

The wedding dress and the red hot shoes!

Something blue needs a little explanation. Suzanne had a baby girl, Hailey, 11 years ago. She was born far too early and we only got to share a few hours with her. I bought a tiny outfit for Hailey to be buried in. I kept the tiny bloomers because she was swimming in the dress. I was going to give them back to Suzanne some day when she was older and settled. Her wedding day seemed perfect. So I cross stitched the "H" for Hawkins and Hailey on a piece of those bloomers and I trimmed it with a little of my wedding dress (14 years since I wore that, it should have some good luck). She tucked it in her dress next to her heart where Hailey always is.

The ceiling of the gazebo was lighted and reminded me of a wagon wheel.

First dance as Husband and Wife.Dancing with her Daddy. Paul loves The Beatles and Suzanne loves country so she was able to find a version "In My Life" sung by Johnny Cash.
Jeff and his Mom.Barbeque sauce face.

Yuck! Big sisters have beer breath cooties!

Vicky, the family artist, of "Yer Cheat'n Heart Tattoos"

Our July bride, Melissa and our son-in-law, Lane.

Wes sitting on the stage.

The three cowpokes.

Erica dancing with Dad.

Now they are about three hours from landing on Maui.

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kamahiclan said...

Looks like a good-'ol-down-to-earth wedding!!! Just the kind I like!