Thursday, October 25, 2007

Base Camp Visit

We went up to Irvine to visit Daddy at the Base Camp for the Santiago Fire Strike Teams. Paul has been at the fires since Sunday morning. He's been at Santiago since Tuesday with no breaks. They drove directly to Irvine from Malibu. They were set up at Irvine Regional Park. What a great park. We can't wait to go back under different circumstances. A base camp is like a little city. They have food trailers, shower facilities, laundry, everything. They were even making shave ice today for the guys (and gals). We saw some guys playing horseshoes in there black firefighter boots and shorts-quite a look. A father of triplets who shall remain nameless stole borrowed an Aqua-Cycle, another firefighter and the chief talked the mini-train engineer into giving them a ride and two firefighters were seen riding through the park on horseback. Seems like a good 'ol time, huh? Not really considering that the guys had just come off a 24 hour shift. They can still be mobilized on their "off" time. If they're lucky, they have a cot to sleep on. If they're not there's a lot of lumpy ground and hard pic-nic benches. The OC Zoo is within the park so we got to walk around in there. They were closed but letting the firemen in. We saw a mountain lion. He/She was huge! It was nice to see Daddy. We hadn't seen him since last Saturday. We're not sure when he'll be home. There was a briefing this evening. This fire is heading toward the city of Corona. It's burned all the way across Orange County. And it just doesn't want to stop. Pray for rain!


Geologychick said...

Saw your comment on Amazing Trips. I'm in Long Beach. Other than the smoke, we're not affected by the fires... but I just wanted to thank your husband and all of the brave men and women fighting these fires! They are all truly heroes!

Jen4 @ Amazing Trips said...

Yay for Paul!! He's a hero, indeed.

Irvine Regional Park is awesome. We went there last year and had a blast. You all would love it - even more so - under different circumstances.