Saturday, October 6, 2007

How did WE survive childhood?

I didn't have access to three tv's, leapsters, Game Boys, or a PlayStation. I think we have every Lego and K*nex known to mankind. I've stepped on that many. There are bikes and scooters and billions of crayons. Toys pouring out of a room dedicated to just toys. There's a dog, a cat and a brand new kitten.

6:30 am and Kyle announces he's bored. There's a hard and fast rule that no one is allowed to be bored before Mommy has a sufficient amount of caffeine.

Paul dragged the bored ones to the "hiking park". The rangers let them hold Mr. Pibb (a tarantula found in the soda machine) and feed a 4 foot long gopher snake. My girly girl dropped a tiny innocent mouse into a snake's cage. Yuck!! If she has nightmares someone is going to have a lonely night on the couch.

And this is where Kyle and the Leapster became friends again-For the rest of the day. Mushy brain boy!

Kendra and Kieran were forced to be creative by the evil Mommy!

That's a motor speedway.

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