Saturday, October 20, 2007

To Curl Or Not To Curl

This is my first try at making Irish curls. I only had time to quickly do a pony tail. I'm going to try the whole head today. I won't buy a wig (yes most of the girls wear wigs) until I know Kendra will stay with dance for a while-a long while. But it might just be worth the $85.00 for my time and Kendra's pain. It takes a seasoned hair curler about 2 hours to curl a girl's hair. And another 45 minutes or so to unroll it the next day before a competition. We'll see if Kendra can sleep all night with curlers in her hair.

This is a wig close to Kendra's hair color. It would require tying her hair down close to her scalp and putting the wig on. Hmmm, almost three hours up and down with curlers, sleeping on them and maybe getting a not so great result or forking out $85.00. I know what my decision would be and I know what the money keeper's decision would be. Oh well, maybe it will be fun to watch a movie and curl hair in the hotel on Friday night before the competition.

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Becca said...

I don't know if your daughter is still with dance, but I loved having my hair curled with the foam spikes.
It was a bonding night to watch a movie, relax and have my hair worked on.