Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"Mommy Why Is The Sky Orange?"

It looks like a cool fogged in "June Gloom" morning but it's all smoke. This is horrible and so scary. My friends are scattered to the wind (that would be the Santa Anas), I don't know where my husband is, my neighborhood is lined with evacuees. San Diego has 250,000 people evacuated, lost 750 homes so far and 145,000 acres. I think we still have only 1 fatality. We are waiting and wondering if the Rice fire will make it into the San Luis River bed and down into Oceanside. No doubt the Marines will try to stop it at Pendleton-Hurah! We haven't heard much about it because the Rancho Santa Fe area is so bad right now. Smoke woke me at about 2:00 am. I watched the news for awhile then and there is now a fire burning in Temecula.
The weather man is saying the wind is calm right now. Pray that it stays that way so they can get the tankers in the air.

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